This Is What Resistance Looks Like

Floyd Protests

This is what resistance looks like

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For the past several days, like many people, I have been grappling with how to process and respond to the tragic murder of George Floyd and the consequential protests and rebellion that have followed. Too weary to cry, too numb to express outrage, too overwhelmed to write, I revisited a suite of poems that I wrote last year, and I came upon “This Is What Resistance Looks Like.” This poem was inspired by and written to honor the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 1970 Augusta Uprising (I choose not to call it or the current activities “riots”). As I re-read the poem against the current backdrop of burning buildings and closed fists and a nation in agony, it is as fitting a response as I can muster today.


  • Powerful, Kristie… a poem all too current today (June 2, 2020), and sadly, all too current all too long. Let us hope this century brings real change. Voices like yours can help make that happen.

    • kristiej says:

      Prayerfully, we can achieve change. Maybe not in this lifetime, but possibly for my children’s children.

      Thank you Marty.

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